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FREE U.S. SHIP $199+ | $10 OFF $100+ WITH CODE SAVE10
FREE U.S. SHIP $199+ | $10 OFF $100+ CODE SAVE10

Custom Splicing

We are proud to provide a wide range of custom splicing services performed by professionals in our South Florida warehouse.

Our team of rope experts and splicing professionals have decades of experience.

Splicing is our recommended method for terminating a rope or joining two ends of rope together without using a knot. In addition to the bulk of complication of knots, even the best dressed knot can significantly decrease a rope's strength, whereas splicing maintains almost 100% of a rope's native strength.

Here at our splicing team has decades of combined splicing knowledge and experience in the rope industry. Our splicing experts work daily on custom creations for commercial customers, boat owners, and more.

Our professional process

Always consult the manufacturer before using rope when personal safety or possible damage to property is involved. Make sure the rope is adequate for the job. Do not use too small a rope or the wrong type. Specifications are available from your dealer, distributor, or the manufacturer, which give the strength and recommended working loads for various sizes and constructions of hard fiber and synthetic rope.


Join rope by splicing. Knots can decrease rope strength by as much as 60 percent. Use the manufacturer's recommended splices for maximum efficiency. Other terminations can be used but their strength loss with a particular type of rope construction should be determined and not assumed.

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