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Sisal Rope

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More about sisal twine and cordage

If you're shopping for sisal ropes, you need to check this out. Woven and twisted from the agave plant, sisal is a low cost and 100% natural rope material. Our collection of sisal rope has the best prices and a wide range of diameters so you can be ready for your next project.

Most of us aren’t making our own clothing and carpets out of natural rope. But we definitely appreciate the people who do. Whether you're wanting to make a quick cat scratching post or create a full-fledged crafting setup with sisal, cotton, manila, and more, we’ve got the essential sisal twine and cord to keep your natural rope in stock. From basic twine for the beginner crafter to reels of 600 feet for the pros, we’ve got the right rope for getting your craft on.

Sisal ropes features and information

100% Natural – Sisal is naturally stiff and tough. 3-strand rope, like sisal, is twisted into a rope that is great for crafting, agriculture, or pet products. The sisal material comes from the agave sisalana plant fibers. Sisal is the perfect all-natural rope option for heavy duty indoor and outdoor applications for farming, agriculture, pets and animals, and crafting when you need natural elongation or stretch.

Natural Strength – When compared to other natural ropes like manila or cotton, sisal can handle harsh conditions with ease. Sisal is water resistant, abrasion resistant, and UV and weather resistant. Sisal is the preferred natural fiber rope for all projects, from marine use to cargo tie-downs, farming and fencing, cat scratching posts, and outdoor architectural uses.

Environmentally Friendly – Sisal cordage is 100% biodegradable, organic, and untreated. This rope is manufactured with absolutely no oils, chemicals, or artificial synthetics, making it a safe choice around pets, animals, and children.

Availability and Options – provides Natural Sisal Rope in lengths from per foot up to 600 feet. Select per foot and choose the perfect length for your project. Or stock up and save on bulk pricing for 500 or 600 feet lengths. We offer our Natural Sisal Rope in and diameters of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1”.

FAQs about ropes

Is sisal rope safe for cats?

From agricultural landscaping to gardening to architectural applications, sisal is strong and durable with a little bit of stretch. Due to its features, it can be used in nautical wall hangings, tie-downs, cat scratching posts, and bird toys.

Our Natural Sisal Rope is one of the most durable natural-fiber ropes we offer. Though sisal is heavier than manila rope, it is more resistant to rot and UV than manila. It has the highest salt water resistance and UV resistance of any natural fiber rope. Sisal, made from the agave plant, has a rough surface which gives architectural decorations a textured and timeless look. Practically, the rough texture provides excellent grip for industrial applications. If you do not need the high strength of manila rope, sisal is more economical and offers many of the useful qualities of manila, with benefits entirely of its own. Use sisal rope for battle rope and exercise rope, decoration and crafting, rugs and door mats, twine, cat scratching posts, bird toys, fishing nets, and more.

What is sisal rope?

Sisal is a natural fiber rope manufactured from the fiber of the agave sisalana plant commonly found in Mexico and South America. This 3-strand twisted rope is similar to Manila rope in its use, applications, and characteristics, but is not as strong as manila and has a rougher feel.

What is the difference between sisal and jute rope?

Whereas jute is made from the white jute plant, sisal is made from the agave plant. The two ropes look similar, but have different characteristics. Sisal is stiffer, yet softer. Jute rope is supple, yet coarse.

What is sisal rope used for?

Sisal is best used in dry interior or exterior applications where a natural, UV resistant rope is needed. Sisal is great as a decorative rope, agricultural and landscape rope, and as a pets and animals uses like cat scratching posts. Sisal has excellent knotability and due to its rough texture will hold knots well. Unlike manila, sisal rope is antimicrobial, non-toxic and suitable for applications involving livestock or pets.

Is sisal rope the same as hemp?

When referring to natural fiber ropes, the way to differentiate the rope material is by the plant the rope fiber was manufactured from. Sisal is made from the agave sisalana or the agave plant. Sisal is often referred to as “sisal hemp” rope. Many natural fiber ropes include “hemp” in the name since hemp was a major source of rope fiber for centuries.

Is sisal rope good for outdoor use?

Sisal has been used for centuries as a twine and rope used in indoor or dry climates. However, sisal fibers have excellent UV resistance, making them resistant to sunlight and a great option for an application that requires strength in harsh sunlight conditions. Sisal ropes are not recommended to be used in wet conditions since they absorb water like a sponge. It is recommended to use and store sisal in dry conditions.

What are the benefits of sisal rope?

Being all-natural, environmentally friendly, strong and UV resistant, sisal is also moth and rot resistant, dust and termite resistant, and naturally antimicrobial. Sisal is an excellent heat and sound insulator, which allows it to be used in architectural designs to regulate moisture, head, and sound.

What is the best rope for a cat scratching post?

Almost every cat scratching post available is constructed using the sisal material either as sisal fabric or twisted sisal rope. One downside to using other natural rope fibers is that the fibers will dislodge as the cat scratches over time, creating a sharp surface. Abrasive and toxic rope materials will harm the cat. Since sisal is antimicrobial and pet-friendly, it is an excellent choice for cat scratching posts and bird toys. Sisal rope is the best choice for any cat scratching post or cat tree. Cats love the textured feel of sisal rope and fabric.

Is sisal rope toxic?

Our Natural Sisal Rope is made from 100% natural agave fibers, twisted into a 3-strand rope construction. Our sisal rope does not contain any harmful oils or chemicals. In fact, sisal is an excellent healthy rope material since it is antimicrobial, biodegradable, and safe for pets and livestock. Sisal is pet-safe and is widely used for cat scratching posts and bird toys.

Is sisal or manila rope stronger?

Manila rope, being very similar to sisal, is stiff and rough which makes it less appropriate for frequent skin contact. Though sisal is heavier than manila, manila remains the strongest, roughest, and toughest natural fiber rope material.

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