Events Web Server HMI Welcome to the Events HMI SCADA system with web server.  SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition.  HMI is the human to machine interface.  These systems generally refer to an industrial control system: a computer system that monitors and controls a process.  Processes include water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection, oil and gas pipelines, irrigation and gate distribution, wind farms, and environmental systems.  Other processes include monitoring buildings, airports and ships, local and remote alarms, equipment status and maintenance conditions of various devices.            “ROPE.COM” is For Sale! Email Me  If Interested.  goto:    for the latest Events Downloads   and Help Files Modbus and ALERT protocols Events reads serial, binary Modbus data from PLCs or RTUs or receives ALERT formatted data from a receiver/decoder.  This data is inserted into spreadsheet tables for complete viewing of your raw data.  The data is then inserted into  databases, alarm tables, statistics and define grids.  Events handles this process as a background task.  Then, if there are any changes to the data, Events updates the graphical displays with these changes.  The form displays are independent of the background tasks. Web Server All Events project forms are converted into HTML pages for web monitoring.  Users will be able to view their systems data in real time and send commands (change set points, turn devices on or off), using the Events Web Server.  All commands and set points are password protected for security.  Commands received from your browser are forwarded to the field RTUs or PLCs just as if you were at the base station computer. More Events Features 1. FTP and Email scripts (export data to another server) 2. Hyperlinks to open supporting PDF or Word files (open pictures of your sites) 3. Open Text Files, CSV Files (as reference documents) 4. Multiple triggers for Hyperlinks, FTP, Email, Reports, Open files, etc.  Button triggers, Label triggers, Special Label triggers, Annunciator triggers, Global Alarm Button triggers, and Define sensors that can be used as triggers in Events.  5. Export data when needed. Image1 © Roper Associates LLC 2011+ Image1